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赵伟君牧师 (博士)

赵伟君牧师 (博士)

哲学博士 (美国福乐神学院)


LL.B. (Hons) (University of Leicester, UK)
M.Div. (Trinity Theological College, Singapore)
PhD (Fuller Theological Seminary, USA)


学科:实践神学, 基督教教育, 领导力研究 (英文部)



赵伟君牧师(博士) 是教导实践神学的讲师。他自2005年受新加坡卫理公会三一年议会按立为牧师后即全职事奉。赵博士担任过卫理公会好几所卫理公会教会的牧师和主理牧师也在几所卫理学校当校牧。他也当过卫理公会学校圣工副主任。赵博士在成为牧师之前,是一名诉讼律师及青年同工。

赵博士已婚,牧师娘-爱珍, 是一位教会辅导员。他们育有三个孩子。


Academic Publications

  • “Narratives and Ideologies that Shape Power Relations in Singapore Protestant Churches.” PhD diss. Fuller Theological Seminary, 2021.
  • “God’s Presence in the World: Integrating John Wesley’s Theology of the Eucharist and General Revelation & Dispelling the Myth of the Sacred-Secular Divide.” In Finish, Then, Thy New Creation, edited by Chiang Ming Shun, 61-86. Singapore: Graceworks, 2020.
  • “Expanding the Discourse on Agency with the Vocabulary of Power: Narratives and Ideologies Influencing Leader-Laity Relationships in Churches” (Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Academy of Religious Leadership, Minneapolis, USA, 25-27 April 2019).
  • “Myths, Manga & MySpace: Youth Ministry Challenges in Singapore Today.” In Christian Ministry: Love in Action, edited by Daniel K.S. Koh, 174-191. Singapore: Methodist Welfare Services, 2012
  • “Good News for Marriages and Families in Singapore.” Church & Society in Asia Today 12, no. 3 (December 2009): 161-170.

Other Publications

  • “What Will Our Churches Look Like After The Pandemic?” Trumpet, Apr-Jul 2021.z
  • “Make Time For Our Youth…Or Lose Them Over Time.” Methodist Message, Mar 2021.
  • “Hearing Better In The Silence: Spiritual Disciplines For Youth Today.” Impacting Generations, Mar 2014.
  • “Discipling Our Families.” Impact Magazine, Oct-Nov 2012.
  • “What Does A Successful Youth Ministry Look Like?” Methodist Message, Apr 2012.
  • “Excuse Me, Are You a Youthworker?” Methodist Message, Jan 2010.
  • “Youth Myth-nistry.” Methodist Message, Jul 2009.