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Advanced Degree

Master of Ministry (MMin)

Academic Calendar

The standard academic calendar of TTC consists of two semesters. Each semester comprises of 14 weeks of classroom instruction, a two-week mid-semester break, a reading week and an examination week.

The first semester commences from the first week of July with an Orientation Programme for the new students followed by a College Retreat for all students and faculty, and the semester ends in mid-November. The second semester commences in January, with a one-week break for Chinese New Year, and ends in mid-May after the Graduation Service.

2019/20 Semester I


2019/20 Semester II


2020/21 Semester I


2020/21 Semester II


2021/22 Semester I


2021/22 Semester II


2022/23 Semester I


2022/23 Semester II